Judy Lieberman, Harvard Medical School, USA
Judy Lieberman

Judy Lieberman holds a Chair in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, is Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and is Chair of the Executive Committee of Immunology at Harvard Medical School. She earned a Ph.D. in physics from Rockefeller University and worked as a theoretical physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and Fermilab, received an M.D. from Harvard and MIT, did a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology in the Eisen laboratory in the Cancer Center at MIT and worked as a hematologist/oncologist at Tufts Medical Center. She has received numerous awards for her research on AIDS vaccines, immunology and cancer.  She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The Lieberman laboratory has been in the forefront of developing RNAi-based therapeutics and using RNAi for genome-wide screening. They have developed strategies for cell-targeted RNAi to treat viral infection, immune disease and cancer. They also investigate the role of microRNAs in regulating cell differentiation and cancer. The Lieberman laboratory also studies cytotoxic T lymphocytes and their role in immune protection from infection and cancer. They study the molecular pathways used by killer lymphocytes to induce programmed cell death of both mammalian cells and microbes, especially those activated by cytotoxic granule proteases, called granzymes, and immune pore-forming proteins.

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