Michael Rosenfeld, UC San Diego, USA
Michael G. Rosenfeld

Michael G. Rosenfeld, HHMI, UCSD School of Medicine: The central interests of our laboratory have been focused on understanding molecular mechanisms underlying transcriptional programs in signal-dependent regulation, development and disease, using genetic methods and linking these to diseases of the neuroendocrine system.  Our laboratory has made contributions to understanding of nuclear receptor regulation of gene transcription, coactivators and corepressors, and the actions of regulatory enhancers. These include the identification of eRNAs as marks of enhancer activation and function, the roles of Cohesin and Condensins in enhancer function, and the discovery of the MegaTrans complex in estrogen receptor function. Our more recent contributions include discoveries regarding cell-specific determination, the epigenetic control of gene transcription, mechanisms of nuclear receptor action, the roles of lncRNAs, the origin and function of gene enhancers, and the effects of sequence variation in the actions of enhancers.

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