Sung Hee Baek, Seoul National University, Korea
Sung Hee Baek

Sung Hee Baek is professor of the Department of Biological Sciences at Seoul National University, where she also holds the director of Chromatin Dynamics Research Center.

Sung Hee Baek received her BS, MS, and Ph.D degrees from Seoul National University. Following her postdoctoral research in Michael G. Rosenfeld’s lab at UCSD and following research professor at HHMI, she joined the faculty of Seoul National University in 2003. She has been selected as a distinguished fellow of Seoul National University since 2012.

She received numerous awards and honors, including the L’OREAL-UNESCO for Women in Science Award and the Kyung-Ahm Award. She has been invited as a managing editor for BBA Molecular Basis of Disease and a guest Editor for Annual Review of Physiology. She is serving as a review committee of Human Frontier Science Program.

Sung Hee Baek’s laboratory focuses on the chromatin dynamics and epigenetic regulatory process in mammals, with particular interest in the role of chromatin remodeling factors and epigenetic writer, eraser, and reader enzymes in cancer and metabolism.

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